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Welcome to Tiny Web Performance Insights

Hi. I am Pothi Kalimuthu. I am passionate about (web) performance and security. I am from Srivilliputhur, TamilNadu, India.

Performance: My passion for speed and performance started when I can not afford to pay for latest hardware. Because, the cost of any latest gadget here in India is usually twice compared to the cost in US or in Europe. Things have been changing, though. I usually buy hardware that are at least two years old and try to make it run as smooth as possible. In the same way, when I can not afford Windows OS during the early days of computing, I started with Linux. Now, I own almost every version of Windows, since XP. Currently, I work primarily on Mac OS.

Security: I wasn’t security guy initially. However, after allegedly hosting a whistle-blower website and being put in jail for 45 days, I have become more aware of security practices.