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Hi. I am Pothi Kalimuthu, from Srivilliputhur, TamilNadu, India. I specialize in speeding up web sites, especially WordPress blogs. I am passionate about (web) performance in general.

About me

I have a strong background on servers with a keen eye for user experience. Primarily, I make sure that the site visitors do not have to stare at the blank screen while the site loads. Every micro seconds counts. That’s why I kept this site on Google’s own cloud and I use various technologies to speed-up the site, including some manual tweaks. Nothing comes close to a hand-tuned site or server.

About this blog

In this blog, I share what I know or what I learned on a particular day / week / month. The articles are mostly on Nginx. Rest of the articles are mostly about my own thoughts on various things around performance, servers, WordPress, WP Themes, WP Plugins, etc.

About freelancing

I have been freelancing since 2008 primarily via Upwork (erstwhile oDesk). However, due to ever growing race to the bottom (on pricing), I want to keep away from it as far as possible. If you have any site that needs performance tuning or if you need a customised server, please get in touch by filling the form below. I am glad to provide free analysis and possible steps to improve your site’s performance!


Sandboxing email for a local WP site using just three lines of code!

In a local-staging-live workflow, often we have some restrictions on both local and staging / development environments. A common restriction is to disallow indexing of the development site that may introduce duplicate content in the search result, if indexing is allowed (that is not uncommon when we set up the live site and then copy …


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Please use the following form to send a message to Pothi or shoot him an email directly at any name at this domain name!