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Hi. I am Pothi Kalimuthu, from Srivilliputhur, TamilNadu, India. I specialize in speeding up web sites, especially WordPress blogs. I am passionate about (web) performance in general.

About me

I have a strong background on servers with a keen eye for user experience. Primarily, I make sure that the site visitors do not have to stare at the blank screen while the site loads. Every micro seconds counts. That’s why I kept this site on Google’s own cloud and I use various technologies to speed-up the site, including some manual tweaks. Nothing comes close to a hand-tuned site or server.

About this blog

In this blog, I share what I know or what I learned on a particular day / week / month. The articles are mostly on Nginx. Rest of the articles are mostly about my own thoughts on various things around performance, servers, WordPress, WP Themes, WP Plugins, etc.

About freelancing

I have been freelancing since 2008 primarily via Upwork (erstwhile oDesk). However, due to ever growing race to the bottom (on pricing), I want to keep away from it as far as possible. If you have any site that needs performance tuning or if you need a customised server, please get in touch by filling the form below. I am glad to provide free analysis and possible steps to improve your site’s performance!



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Please use the following form to send a message to Pothi or shoot him an email directly at any name at this domain name!