Akismet Nginx Rewrite Rules

Akismet WordPress plugin is one of the popular plugins for personal WordPress blogs. Nginx is one of the evolving web server, just surpassing Microsoft’s IIS in terms of the usage to be just behind Apache. The ‘bad’ guys always find new ways to exploit a site. Ever since version 2.5.7, Akismet introduced a new .htaccess file to block direct access to PHP files. The content of that .htaccess file goes like this… Continue reading “Akismet Nginx Rewrite Rules”

Do “Not” Update WordPress Core Now!

WordPress LogoBy now, all of you would already be aware of the next major version of WordPress. Whenever, there is an update to the WordPress core, I usually send a friendly reminder to my clients to update their WordPress sites. However, I do not do that when there is a major release, update or upgrade (however you wish to call it). Actually, I’d usually send an email, not to update the WordPress core in their sites, if it is a major release. Wonder why? Read on to find out. Continue reading “Do “Not” Update WordPress Core Now!”

Nginx Rewrite Rules for WP Admin over SSL

This is a continuation of administering your WordPress blog over SSL to increase your blog security.

Nginx rewrite rules are tricky, but are easier to learn once you understand them. I’m sure they are lot easier to understand, learn and write than .htaccess rules for Apache HTTP server. Here I solve an important issue when you use WordPress over HTTPS, otherwise called the secure protocol. Continue reading “Nginx Rewrite Rules for WP Admin over SSL”