Monthly Archives: March 2012

Script to Install and Upgrade Nginx from Source

Nginx logoNginx is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy. It is widely used in many really high traffic websites such as It is also used here in since the beginning. There are plenty of methods to install it on any VPS or dedicated servers. The official installation instructions available from theĀ official wiki. Here I show you my own script to compile it from source, install and upgrade using a bash script. Continue reading

Choose Your Plugins Wisely

WP Plugin ImageEarlier I had a chance to look at two WordPress powered blogs inwhich the load time was affected due to outdated plugins that were no longer maintained officially. Let me share more details on both sites how un-maintained plugins can cause performance issues, if you don’t watch the signs and if you don’t fix those immediately. Continue reading

Google PR vs Page Speed

PageSpeed LogoGoogle has repeatedly mentioned that site speed, load time and performance of a site does matter for Google on search engine rankings. While I’m not into SEO and I rarely cared about Google PageRank in particular, I have been in shock for the past 10 days or so, even since my Piwik statistics showing me that this site’s Google PR went from nil to 5!!!!! Yes, that f-i-v-e, five out of the maximum of 10! Continue reading