Services Offered by Pothi Kalimuthu

Pothi provides custom WordPress hosting solutions where almost everything is customized in your server, to speed up your WordPress site.

Speeding up a WordPress blog starts from the choice of the server. Having cPanel can be a bottleneck to a speedy website. That’s why successful WordPress hosting companies like WPEngine, or ZippyKid provide only SFTP access (and optionally PhpMyAdmin access too). If you have an un-managed / self-managed server without cPanel, Plesk or similar control panel, please feel free to contact Pothi to see what he could do for you.

Here is a quick list of specific things that I can do for your site…

► Advanced caching without any traditional caching plugins
► APC deployment / implementation / configuration
► CDN implementation for the entire site with or without any plugin
► CSS Minification through mod_pagespeed
► DNS optimization
► HTTP Compression (gzip/deflate) in Apache or Nginx
► Images optimization through mod_pagespeed
► JS Minification through mod_pagespeed
► Memcached for multiple-server configuration
► MySQL server optimization
► Nginx to serve static content
► PHP-FPM with Apache or Nginx
► SPDY with Apache / Nginx
► SSL for the entire site or only for WP backend
► Static cookie-free domain for static files
► TTFB (Time To First Byte) optimization
► Varnish to cache dynamic content and for load balancing
► WordPress backend load time optimization
► Zend Optimizer with PHP

I can also work on other areas in WordPress too. Here are some of them…

  • Automated installation, backup and recovery
  • Fail-over solutions
  • Hardening the security

The stuff I do not do:

  • Designing a theme or site
  • Creating a WordPress theme or site from the ground-up (from a Photoshop design)
  • Creating a custom WordPress plugin
  • Scaling up a site in a “shared host” (HostGator, GoDaddy, etc)