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Hi. I am Pothi Kalimuthu, from Srivilliputhur, TamilNadu, India. I am passionate about (web) performance.

My passion for speed and performance started when I can not afford to pay for the latest hardware. The cost of any latest gadget here in India is usually much higher compared to the cost in Europe or in North America. I usually buy hardware that are at least two years old and try to make it run as smooth as possible by applying various techniques. This also let me to opt for Linux instead of Windows OS since the beginning. Linux, by default, is optimised to run on most hardware. Heard of Raspberry PI or IoT? Most use Linux. In early days, I optimised servers (and desktops). Now, I optimise sites that are hosted in (Linux) servers. I can’t afford to see a slow site just because my internet speed is slow. :) My internet connection speed hasn’t gone beyond 2 Mbps during the last few years. On the other side of the world, people talk about Gigabyte internet, though. That’s how my (perf) journey started. It doesn’t seem to end any time soon! 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀


Recommend Settings for Redis Object Cache Plugin

WordPress Object Cache system allows transients to be stored in object cache backend, such as APC, Memcached or Redis. Without an object cache, the transients are stored in the database itself. This is the default. You could verify this yourself by looking at the (wp_)options table in the database. Fortunately, we have options to store these …

Child Theme on WordPress 4.7 Onwards

TwentySeventeenIf you are just starting to develop WordPress theme, it couldn’t be a better time to start. The web contains numerous links to very detailed tutorials on how to start WordPress theme development from scratch. However, most of them use outdated practices. The WordPress evolves all the time.

Wish List 2017

My first blog post was written way back in 2011. Since then, I have written only 33 articles (excluding this). Considering, I always keep a (physical) diary of events and thoughts, it is nothing but a low volume blog. This year, I wish to write more. So, I will be participating in 52 Week Writing Challenge. I already have …

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