What did I do in 2022 and my WishList for 2023

It’s the year of MikroTik and network engineering. So, there is hardly any WordPress stuff in this post.


I bought MikroTik hAP AX2 this year, just after its launch. I’d been waiting for it for years. This is my fourth MikroTik product for my R&D. Earlier, I owned two numbers of hAP ac2 and SXT LTE Kit. One hAP AC2 runs on Router OS v6. The other one is on the latest version. Using them to test drive both versions in my Tik lab. Both hAP ac2 are older models with 256MB memory. These days, hAP ac2 comes with just 128MB. Never unheard of such going backward on other hardware such as mobiles.

Open Source Projects

Released three open source repositories this year…

  1. MikroTik LTE Scripts – LTE specific scripts. All testing was done on my lone SXT LTE Kit. Planning to get another LTE device in 2024, specifically with large flash storage. Currently, most offer only 16MB! I don’t think MikroTik would release something more than 16MB in 2023. They are slow to upgrade the hardware.
  2. MikroTik Generic Scripts – Generic scripts that can be used in any MikroTik device. Scripts to check for updates, to take backups, to alert upon anomalies, etc.
  3. Backup to S3 – A backup solution for non-wp sites. Currently, supports Laravel and phpBB.

What about WordPress?

No significant progress! I could only maintain my active plugins in wp.org. I plan to create a new plugin in place of an abandoned one related to Mobile Detect library. Also, there are over 45 draft posts in the back-end. While some of them may not see the light of the day, I wish to publish at least one per month in 2023 (and possibly on the following year too).

Consistency in Learning

If you look at my open source contributions in Github for the year 2022, you can notice that I wasn’t consistent throughout the year, except for the last two months. In 2023, I wish to be consistent in my learning and sharing. Except on weekends and on days of travel, I plan to learn something new and improve something in my open source projects.


A healthy body and mind helps me in improving my skillset too. I didn’t have a healthy lifestyle for decades, even though I didn’t stop learning at any point. I just wasn’t consistent. Only in the last couple of years, I came across TRE(time restricted eating) and its real benefits. While I have been on and off in TRE during the past two years, I wish to be consistent in my TRE schedule. Currently, I skip breakfast and have anything under the earth at other times. I mostly eat between 2pm and 7pm.