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Get The Best Out Of “Google XML Sitemaps” Plugin

Google XML SitemapsGoogle XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress is probably one of the popular plugins in WordPress plugins repository. At the time of this writing, it has been downloaded over 8 million times! It is not a small feat by any means. However, if it is used incorrectly, it can drag your site’s performance considerably. Some web hosts even alert the site owner, if this plugin is used in their sites and politely ask the site owner to remove it at the earliest. So, what’s wrong with this plugin and how can you make use of it without affecting your site’s performance (and your host’s CPU). Let’s dive in!

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Choose Your Plugins Wisely

WP Plugin ImageEarlier I had a chance to look at two WordPress powered blogs inwhich the load time was affected due to outdated plugins that were no longer maintained officially. Let me share more details on both sites how un-maintained plugins can cause performance issues, if you don’t watch the signs and if you don’t fix those immediately. Continue reading