2013 Year in Review

We are already in 2014. However, it is probably the right time to take a look back at what happened last year.

Among so many things happened in 2013, the following come on top of my head. These events and products are related to performance, WordPress, security and other misc stuff. Please feel free to comment, if I missed anything.

Google Compute Engine became generally available in December 12, 2013.

ZippyKid relaunched as Pressable. When I heard this news at first, as Pressable sounds similar to PressLabs, I thought there was a merger between these two companies.

MediaTemple was acquired by GoDaddy!

The rise of DigitalOcean!

PageSpeed module for Nginx became a reality.

Nginx started supporting SPDY, without having to patch it!

Nginx introduced a paid (subscription) product that costs less than $125 per month. Remember that most of the latest features, such as fastcgi_cache_purge are exclusive to the commercial subscribers.

RedHat announced the plans for RHEL 7 and released its first beta. There are a lot of performance improvements available by default in this version. If every host (that uses RHEL 5 or 6) upgrades to this version, when released, the entire web would be faster by a few milliseconds.

Varnish announced plans for Varnish Cache 4.0 with exiting features along the way.

Auto updating minor versions of WordPress has put a big sigh of relieve on many bloggers, who in turn, can concentrate on real blogging! Do you know that this auto-update feature that can be extended to the plugins, themes and even to the major WordPress releases?

WordPress reached a new milestone (10 years)!

W3 Total Cache plugin came back to active development (and broke more websites than ever). :)

JetPack packed more features! (my favorite is JetPack Monitor)

More themes became GPL complaint!

An alternative, yet, most useful plugin for debugging in WordPress, has been released.

Sucuri bought Unmask Parasites!

Did I miss anything that’s important in your opinon? Please share it in the comments!

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