Please don’t hire me!

Please do not hire me because the cost of living in the country where I live is way cheaper than where you live. Just because the cost of living is lower doesn’t mean you can hire my services at a fraction of rate charged by the tech people from your own country!

Of course, the cost of food and real estate are much cheaper here. The cost of food is rapidly increasing here due to globalization of food industry. However, as my life resolves around IT and products related to IT, the cost of tech products are always higher than whichever country you live in!

To illustrate with an example, iPhone X (64GB model) costs USD 999 in US. Here, the same model costs INR 87400 or approximately USD 1378 upon currency conversion. All hardware products are priced higher due to reasons only known to the retailers. Software products aren’t cheap here either, just because the cost of living is way cheaper!

So why hire me?

I care about security and performance!


I live in a city where the maximum possible connection speed is just 5mbps (as of this writing; up from 4mbps since November 2017). Also, I do not get all the latest gadgets that are just launched, because I can’t afford one. I always get products that were launched at least 6 months ago (when the prices come down a bit after the initial hype). It is not uncommon to buy products that were 2+ years old! Naturally, I get products that were older and slower. It has taught me how to utilize my existing infrastructure efficiently, such as how to speed-up a server or a site under heavily restricted speed conditions! So, performance has been my top priority, just after security!


Security should always be the top most priority for any serious business. I have seen failures when security is not given the importance it deserves. We can run a successful business without a good UI or without a fast load time. But, not without keeping a close eye on security! Security is simply related to the reputation. Which business owner would want to lose his / her business reputation?! I have allegedly helped a whistle-blower to run a successful website that exposed multiple scams. If you want to know my association with that website, please search for “pothi kalimuthu savukku” in your favorite search engine. So, I know a thing or two about security and how to protect a business from bad bots, guys or girls. Of course, there is no such thing as perfect security!

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