I am hiring!

I’ve been a freelancer since 2008. So, it’s been a decade. I am currently looking for a freelance system admin with keen interests in hosting WordPress and PHP sites. Even though, the hosting market, especially the WordPress hosting market, has some big names in it, there are still plenty of problems to solve.

If you have interests in open source technologies and if you have contributed to open source, that’d be awesome. But, it isn’t mandatory. If you know your stuff, or if you can learn stuff, that’s more than enough. At the same time, communication is a big part of our job.

I tried to hire someone a few months ago. It didn’t go well, mostly due to communication. The hired person didn’t know the technologies that I wanted at that time. It’s okay for being unfamiliar with it. But, willingness to accept it, is the first step towards learning.

Earlier, I’ve hired people in the past, mostly through erstwhile oDesk (currently Upwork). Here’s the screenshot of previous contractors…

Most of my hires were for tiny projects. While they did a great job, I could not find anyone to delegate my primary work (managing servers) to someone else. Initially, you’d be managing my friends’ servers. Even my own server is up for grab. There are tons of areas to start with.

Anyway, if you are a freelance sysadmin, please get in touch. If you prefer working in-house and if you are from Madurai, Tamilnadu, I can arrange an office for you. I am already in the process of switching my primary workplace to Madurai.

Even if you are not into servers, but have a passion for other areas, such as WordPress development, please get in touch too. I am always looking for help in all areas, everything from a VA to SEO, from web designing to full-stack developer, etc.

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