Early Spam Comment Removal

No one likes spam. Akismet has been doing a great job in keeping WordPress blogs clean from spam comments. Thousands of spam comments per hour can increase the overload in the database. You know what I mean, if your site is famous and yet if you are running on a server with limited resources. You may want to make sure your site’s database is as lean as possible. Ideally, you’d want to clean the spam from the WordPress as often as possible. An hourly / nightly / weekly cleaning is what you’d probably need. By default, Akismet purges old spam comments that are over 30 days old. Here’s a little script that is triggered by a cron job and runs on the server side, thus reducing the overhead on WordPress to make it faster. Since, this little script can increase the performance (to a tiniest extend), you may choose this, instead of waiting for Akismet to clear spam after 30 days. Continue reading “Early Spam Comment Removal”

Akismet Nginx Rewrite Rules

Akismet WordPress plugin is one of the popular plugins for personal WordPress blogs. Nginx is one of the evolving web server, just surpassing Microsoft’s IIS in terms of the usage to be just behind Apache. The ‘bad’ guys always find new ways to exploit a site. Ever since version 2.5.7, Akismet introduced a new .htaccess file to block direct access to PHP files. The content of that .htaccess file goes like this… Continue reading “Akismet Nginx Rewrite Rules”