Fix Incorrect IP Address in WP Comments

Image of an IP logoThe cost of running a VPS is becoming cheaper and cheaper. There are more things we could get for the same bucks. Once your site is ready for a VPS, there are multiple server stack options available, than the traditional LAMP setup. For example, you could completely ignore Apache and can use Nginx with php-fpm . Either case, you wouldn’t have any issues related to IPs in comments. However, on a complicated setups, such as Varnish => Nginx => php-fpm or Nginx => Apache, or Varnish => Apache, WordPress doesn’t display the IP address of the visitors correctly. There is nothing wrong with WordPress. It’s all about the implementation. Forwarding the correct client IP can be tricky as the complexity of the server stack increases. There are situations where you just don’t have any options to forward the correct address. Continue reading “Fix Incorrect IP Address in WP Comments”

WordPress Backup Solutions

WordPress backup solutions!Do you have a backup strategy for your WordPress site?

If you have never asked the following questions to yourself, then this article is for you…

  • What to backup?
  • Where to backup?
  • How to backup?

This (not so) tiny article discusses the proper way to archive your data, shows the various options available to do the same. If you ever care about your WP powered site, take a minute to read further. Continue reading “WordPress Backup Solutions”

Google PR vs Page Speed

PageSpeed Logo

Update: As of April 2016, Google has shut down PageRank data to the public.

Google has repeatedly mentioned that site speed, load time and performance of a site does matter for Google on search engine rankings. While I’m not into SEO and I rarely cared about Google PageRank in particular, I have been in shock for the past 10 days or so, even since my Piwik statistics showing me that this site’s Google PR went from nil to 5!!!!! Yes, that f-i-v-e, five out of the maximum of 10! Continue reading “Google PR vs Page Speed”

Proudly Powered by…

This site is proudly powered by the following technologies…

Blogging Platform: WordPress

Web Server: Nginx – Nginx is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy, as well as an IMAP/POP3 proxy server. Nginx is known for its high performance, stability, rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption. Here in this VPS, it listens on port 443 and has http2 enabled.

Continue reading “Proudly Powered by…”

WordPress Multi-site To Standlone Installation

softaculous logo for the post on WordPress multi-siteDid you install WordPress as a multi-site by default using Softaculous? Here is the way to change WordPress into single site.

On your wp-config.php file, in the following code…

define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);

Change true to false or just remove this entire line. For more information on WP multi-site and to get started with it (if you wish), check out the official documentation on how to create a network of blogs.

Some background

I love WordPress, the best tool for blogging (IMO), even though some consider and use it as a CMS. I had multiple blogs in the past, for the past 4 years, but never had maintained them for more than a year. :) I still own multiple domains, such as “” (COM version of this domain), “”, “” and “”. For the records, I owned the following domains in the past…

  • :)

This blog is another venture into blogging. Let me see how long it goes. I just wanted to start off blogging with this post. So, here is a tiny tip. I hope this helps someone! We never know. :)


WordPress itself is a complex piece of tool for blogging, IMHO. I wish it is more simpler than what it is now. WordPress multi-site is a beast, especially on a shared host. Softaculous seemed to have installed multi-site platform, by default, as per the IRC chat with one who experienced this. I provided the above solution and wanted to share it with others. So, here it is. My first post in this blog!

Happy Blogging. :)